Copyright Atrophy is a project by Antonio Roberts that explores how much an artwork must be changed, remixed, mutated, or altered before it loses all of its associated meaning, context and, more importantly, copyright/trademark status.
Copyright Atrophy officially ended on 17th August when the last of the logos was destroyed. Good riddance to all of them!

If you’ve followed, reblogged, liked, loved or otherwise just stared in wonder at this project, thanks!

Thanks also to Interartive, who first exhibitied part of this project in March 2013, and to Furtherfield who exibited all of these gifs at the Glitch Moment/ums exhibition from June-July 2013. You can hear me talk about the project in this short video from the exhibition.

You can download all of the gifs used in this Flickr album. Download the original to view the gif.

If you haven’t already guessed, this project uses the same code that Comic Sans Must Die used, although the ideas for Copyright Atrophy predate that project by about two years.

This project dealt with issues of copyright, remixing, attribution, reappropriation and authorship. If that at all interests you - and it should! - then do check out the work of these awesome folk:
Glyn Moody
Cory Doctorow
Nick Briz
Nina Paley
Rob Myers
ginger coons
Libre Graphics Magazine
Commons Machinery
Creative Commons
AdbustersAlthough this list excludes some pretty important people and organisations, these are some that have directly and indrectly influenced my work ethic over the years.

I’ve also started Archive Remix, which is a new project as part of the University of Birmingham’s artist in residence programme. It’ll be exploring many of the themes that surrounded this project. Go follow it!

Till next time…